Everyone wants to save money, whether it's buying a new car or going on holiday. One type of holiday that can often prove pricey is a skiing trip. But, as always, there are plenty of ways to drive the price down. And, that doesn't mean the holiday will be less rewarding, fun and exciting.

1. Choose lesser-known resorts

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When anyone is planning a skiing trip, especially if they're new to it all, the only places they will know about are the most popular resorts, such as the Alps. And, it can prove to be appealing wanting to go to one of these locations, as many will feel they have everything they will need and more. However, there are lesser-known resorts in Eastern Europe that are as equipped and a hell of a lot cheaper.

2. Check rates

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If you're heading to another country to ski, you're going to need to exchange your currency with the native one at some stage, in most circumstances. And, it can prove more pricey than it needs to be. However, there are frequent updates on exchange rates in Europe available, and using them to your advantage will help you save money. Moreover, it's one of the easiest ways to reduce costs, giving you more cash to spend on the trip in general and having a good time.

3. Be flexible on flying

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Most people, when going abroad to ski, will travel to their destination on an aeroplane. But, did you know that some days, times, and dates are more pricey when it comes to taking flights? Well, with that information in mind, the key here is flexibility. Rather than cementing in specific dates, be comfortable a few days on either side and choose the cheapest option.

An even better idea is to check for cheaper train prices especially if you live in Europe and can travel to the Alps by train – not only will you get some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, but this is, as we all know, a much more environmental friendly option that has become the preferred travel method for a lot of skiers in Europe.

4. Rent rather than buy

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This tip more than likely applies to beginners rather than those who have been skiing for a while. When you start something new, you are enthusiastic and want to go out and buy all the equipment and so on. But, it can prove costly. So, the best method of attack is to rent your gear rather than own it. You could save thousands by doing so. Or even check out for people giving useable items away or selling them dirt cheap when there.

5. Always choose self-catering

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It can be appealing to head off on a ski trip and dive into a bar or restaurant after a day on the slopes. But, if you're there for a fortnight or longer and do this regularly, the costs soon rack up. Of course, nobody is saying not to treat yourself, but self-catering as the overall approach will keep hundreds in the pocket undoubtedly. And it will allow you to eat when is most convenient for yourself and those in your party, too.

6. Pick up a part-time job

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For some people, skiing is a way of life rather than a hobby. So, when they go away to ski, they go for long periods, and the idea of a holiday very much goes out of the window at this point. So, yes, you can save up and ensure you have all the cash you need to have a good time. But, by getting a part-time job on or close to the resort, you will be spending the money you earn rather than dipping into your savings, making it a cost-effective trip.

7. Be prudent where lift passes are concerned

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One of the most iconic features of a ski trip is, of course, ski lifts. They get you from A to B on the slopes, so passes are a must purchase. However, there are a couple of things to remember to save you some money. First, some tour operators will include them in their packages at no extra cost, and group purchases come with discounts. The second point is to buy passes to cover areas applying to yourself only. Don't pay for what you won't use.

8. Work a season

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All the tips above come from people who have been there and done it when it comes to skiing and trips to various locations. However, sometimes, it's best to develop your own knowledge of the ins and outs, and it's not difficult to do, either. For example, an individual could head to a resort. And stay there for an entire season. They are getting to know the area and the goings-on like the back of their hand, and the experience they gain will allow them to save money on skiing trips in future.

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