People love travelling to different places in the world, seeing new cultures, environments, soaking up the views, enjoying the culinary delights of different areas. You can't fault people for wanting to try new things and enjoying every moment of their life!

"Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.” 

Vaujany is however a place I visit for around a month of every year... It's THAT special.  Want to visit and see it for yourself?  Answer these short 6 questions and we can get you out here! Travelling can be a stressful experience if one doesn't plan appropriately before. Nothing can ruin your travel quicker than getting robbed or stung by hidden costs.  The trick is to travel safely and securely. 

“prevention is better than cure”.  

If you want to make your trip as easy as possible, then take note... Sit down and strategise your plan, route, week. These points will help you prepare your trip without wasting your time and efforts.

1. Book Online Tickets In Advance

In this technological world, everything can be done digitally. You can easily book your tickets, ski lessonslift passes via internet source, from anywhere, at any time. Booking online tickets will offer you an additional discount offer, which provides an extra benefit for frequent flyers. For those looking to save on travel expenses, consider purchasing advance tickets at the best price available by using the various resources available.

If you are travelling in the air for the first time, then you might be wondering how to handle last-minute fuss while travelling? Don’t Fret!

If your travelling dates are fixed, then I suggest booking your flights no later than 2-3 months in advance through your credit or debit cards. One can also book tickets by visiting Edreams, which is a user-friendly platform that showcases all flight options form you local airports to the destination of your choice (Grenoble), including other ones in the near vicinity (Lyon, Chambery, Geneva).  It offers 24/7 support and satisfactory services to the seekers and travellers.

2. Get Travel Insurance

We all know the importance of insurance in our lives. Do you think there is a need for travelling insurance too?  The answer is a simple yes.  Skiing is a high risk sport. Not only does it put your body under immense pressure, where a poor turn can end in torn/pulled muscles (or worse), the terrain can also be very dangerous; think mountain cliffs and avalanches, not to mention other people on the slopes. If you want to ski, it's strongly recommended you have travel insurance before taking a step further. We recommend using MPI, a skiing insurance specialist. 

It can be costly depending on what you are undertaking (skiing is more expensive that beach holidays). If you plan to travel for a short period, then one thing you can do is get short term travel insurance, which is for the specific time period you are away for.  It is far more relaxing knowing that you aren't going to return home with a large hospital sized dent in your bank balance.

To have more clear in-depth knowledge, read Is it worth to get travel insurance or not?

3. Make A Budget Plan

I know travelling can be a bit expensive but if done with proper planning your trip can be affordable and comfortable at the same time. To achieve such goals, you just need to make an appropriate budget plan as it would be a smart step to manage your travelling expenses.

Once you book your perfect chalet by determining certain factors, you can travel entirely in a minimum budget, enjoying each moment spent with family and friends. If you want some more help on this area then read 'the best ways to budget for your skiing trip'.

4. Keep Emergency Information In Mind

Whenever disaster strikes, you don't have long to think and search for the numbers to avail ambulance services or call local police. To handle this particular situation, you need to be a bit active. Take a record of all the information before travelling, or you can also create an “Emergency Plan” to save time and get protected in emergency plans.

    International Emergency112
    Fire (Pompiers)18
    Non-Emergency Ambulance04 76 80 28 00
    Piste Rescue (Security)04 76 80 37 38
    General Hospital04 76 76 75 75
    Plumber06 70 80 12 42

Anything else we should add in here?

5. Don’t Carry Solid Cash

Another tip in this day and age for making your travel more effective is hiding your money... or simply not to carry any cash. It has apparently reduced 'mugging' rates in some areas.

Whenever I travel internationally, I always carry credit and debit cards to make payments. Online payments are more secure than carrying hard cash.  Not only that but there are clever cards (MonzoRevoluteTransferWise) which avoid some intentional spending charges.

Keeping your wallet light avoids flashing your cash, and if faced with any threat, you aren’t going to lose a considerable amount.  You can easily block cards in case of urgency or theft too.  Another brilliant thing this does is reduce the size of ones wallet!

6. Download Flight Tracking App And Navigation App To Get Updates

Whenever people travel to a new place, they face problems while searching the tourist places, updated flight timings, ticket cancellation and other information related to flights. 

Before starting your out, sit down and download a flight tracking application like Flight Radar and navigation apps on your mobile phone or tablets. These applications will help you to get up-to-date information about the flights. Say, if you plan to head to Kicking Horse for a once in a lifetime ski trip and travelled with United Airlines, then having these applications will help you to get updated information like United Airline refund status, You don't have to stand in long queues to get the approval.

Moreover, if you have missed your flight, then you can find a new flight easily with a flight app, avoiding any further disasters!

7. Avoid Travelling In Peak Season

Everyone loves to travel, especially in peak season such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and during the Summer months. If you have kids then this is the only time you can all go away as a family.  But if you are not restricted to these time frames, I recommend travelling in the other periods. It will save both time and money and will also avoid the crowds!

Travelling on flexible dates will help you to get discount offers and additional benefits. Furthermore, you can read how to save money and avoid crowds while travelling.

The Crux

Hopefully you have a better idea about some hacks to travel smartly and securely.

Although it is impossible to avoid all risk, it can be easily managed if you stay safer. Commonly, travelling safely has always been the main issue, but it can now easily be mitigated.  If you follow these points before and during travelling, then your trip should be all the better for it. So, what are you waiting for?

Good Luck for your next trip and get well prepared before travelling! 

P.S. If you’re feeling inspired to get your winter holiday plans to Vaujany in motion, answer a few brief questions by clicking this link and we can get the ball rolling:

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