Best Ways To Budget For Your Skiing Trip

Best Ways To Budget For Your Skiing Trip

Winter is well on its way and if you’re here, you’re probably looking for a few money saving tips for your ski holiday. Saving allows you to really enjoy yourself while you’re there… so, what’s not to like about a bit of budgeting in the months before your trip? While payday loans are there to support you in a financial emergency, we’ve pulled together some budgeting tips to help you out.

Actually Set A Budget!

Setting a budget is, understandably, the vital first step when it comes to planning a holiday. It’s important to start this before you’ve even booked your initial flights. Be realistic with what you can afford and what you’ll need to spend for the overall trip. Go through everything; before you go, while you’re there, and everything in between. Include travel money, accommodation, food, drinks, lift pass, clothes, potential car hire, and all the sun cream and toiletries you might need!

Make Lists Of The Things You Need – And Then Shop Around

Just like budgeting, it’s important to make a list of everything that you know you’ll need in advance. As nice as it might be to have a new holiday wardrobe, do you truly need one? Treating yourself to a few new things is all dependent on your budget, but don’t buy things if you already have suitable solutions and clothing! For toiletries, take what you already have (we give them free in our chalets). It might not seem like a huge cost to buy new, but those extra pounds you’re saving could go onto a hot chocolate on the mountain! Every penny counts, after all, so work out what you do need to buy and bring the rest from home.

Get Cheap Travel Insurance!

Travel insurance might seem like a huge cost, but believe us when we say it doesn’t have to be. Using comparison sites to find the best travel insurance could be a good place to start, but shopping around beyond just comparison sites could be worthwhile too. It might take up some time, but if you have an hour to spare, you could find amazing deals with cover that is just as good as the leading brands. If you want an easy solution then we recommend MPI ski insurance.

Look For Deals

Remember those deals we’ve mentioned before? Finding deals on everything is an important part of saving money and budgeting. You can find deals on everything from flights(booking early), ski hire, all the way through to the food and drink you’ll consume at the airport and while you’re away. Trust us, you can find some amazing savings if you know where to look! There is however one exception to this rule… Accommodation. You don’t want to scrimp on where you stay. You may find yourself in a small flat with bunk-beds in the hallway and a sofa bed in the lounge! You want to be able to relax after a long day on the mountain and eat delicious food made for you. We highly recommendour catered accommodation options which are very reasonably priced for what’s on offer.  You don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. Your time on holiday is worth more than money... enjoy yourself!

Buy Second Hand or Value For Money Equipment

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You might not want to buy second hand equipment, but for those on a tight budget it could be the solution to saving money, especially when it comes to kids who will only grow out of things. In fact, you can often find perfectly good, practically new equipment for half the price of brand spanking new alternatives. If you do need to go new, however, make sure you’re buying something that is a good value for money, durable, water proof and breathable. If you go on skiing holidays often, buying your own skis could be a worthwhile investment.  If you only go once a year or less, consider hiring out skis at your destination instead.  We recommended Ride4Life and Atou Sport in Vaujany.


All in all, budgeting for your trip ultimately comes down to spending a little more time and care shopping around. For those willing to buy second-hand clothing and equipment, there’s amazing discounts you can come across, and booking flights early will ensure that you get the best possible price. Staying in catered accommodation is just one of many ways to save costs in resort as there is little need for large mountain lunches and no evening expenditure! However you choose to budget, the important thing is to have fun! Happy travelling.

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