Vaujany is the hidden gem of the Alps when it comes to skiing, but it also offers an abundance of food and drink experiences all year round. I’ve already given you a great guide my favourite mountain restaurants in Vaujany, but how else can you experience food in the Alps?

From cheese and wine aplenty, to a bee farm at an altitude of 2000 metres, there is an abundance of flavours to taste and plates to enjoy. Here are 18 of the best experiences for foodies...

1. Take a tour of a goat farm


What better way to spend an afternoon than petting goats and eating cheese. In fact, there are three goat farms within half an hour from Vaujany!

La Chèvre...rie, based in Villard Reculas, keeps its goats (and chickens) at an altitude of 1500m, and serves up raclette and fresh goat cheese alongside freshly-laid eggs.

The Chèvrerie de l’Eterlou also keeps 50 goats and some cows as well, and both farms sell their wares at markets around local towns all year round.

Madame Passoud, the sister of Vaujany’s mayor, runs the Auberge Passoud in Enversin, just 5 minutes from Vaujany (they also run the mountain restaurant l'Alpette, which I’ll mention later - it needs a whole section to itself…)

They have all kinds of livestock and are more than happy to show people around if asked. They make saucisson and cheese which they sell, use in their dishes and offer out at their restaurants - truly a farm to fork experience!

2. Pick alpine strawberries whilst trekking through the Alps


Spring and summer are amazing seasons for taking hikes through the Alps, and if you choose your area wisely, there are plenty of small, sweet strawberries, ripe for picking.

3. Try a proper tartiflette (made with Reblochon cheese)

Tartiflette is a staple of the Savoyard menu, and you’ll find it pretty much everywhere you go.

If you’re in self catered accommodation, there’s nothing that’ll warm your cockles more than the glorious mixture of potatoes, bacon and onions smothered in the greatest cheese of all - Reblochon.

Why not be the food saviour of your holiday this year and whip up a tartiflette using this recipe?

4. Visit a teeny tiny market


On Friday mornings in Vaujany, a simple (yet effective) market springs up in the town. It comprises of just one sausage stall and one cheese stall, but who needs quantity when you’ve got quality?

5. See how Beaufort cheese is made

Beaufort cheese is only made in the Savoie region, and the production of it relies on the alpine animals, traditions and mountain temperatures of the Alps.

You can visit the dairy for free, or for 20 Euro you can go on a guided tour and watch the cheese being made. It takes around 40 minutes to drive there (and is not accessible in the winter months), so it’s perfect if you want to plan a day out to distract the kids!

6. Visit a bison farm


Bison? In the Alps? Why yes!

Didier keeps a herd of bison and you can visit ( by appointment only) to find out how he looks after these big and beautiful animals.

7. Try a proper pizza at La Remise


After a long day of learning about bison-farming, the best way to refuel is with an authentic oven-baked pizza.

La Remise pride themselves on the fresh, local ingredients they use to make their delectable pizzas.

8. Find some bees that live 2000m up the mountain


Image via La Grave la meije

Véronique Riche and Jérôme Fouvet have been keeping bees since 2007. They harvest and use the honey to make everything from soap to honey vinegar and in the summer you can visit and learn all about why keeping bees at high altitude makes the best honey.

9. Have a wine and cheese tasting night in the comfort of your luxury chalet

Grab a few bottles of wine, throw together a cheese board (or ask us to do it for you) and have a relaxing night at your chalet with your friends or family. In fact, here’s a great infographic from Huffington Post to get you started on your oenophilic journey...


10. Book a tasting at an Alpine brewery


British beer using alpine ingredients, what could be better?

Goodwin brewery has existed for less than 2 years, but they’re pretty serious about what they make. If you’re in to your crafties, this one is definitely worth a visit.

11. Catch your dinner from an alpine lake

An experience best saved for the spring and summer months, there are an abundance of lakes near Vaujany where you can catch fish to take home for dinner. 

You can keep a maximum of 6 fish per day (enough for a starter at least) and it’s a great way to wind down and spend quality time with loved ones.

12. Visit some veg being grown at high altitude


Cécile Andrieux experiments with high altitude vegetable-growing at her farm which is perched in Villard Reymond at an altitude of 1650m. She sells her wares at markets around the region, or you can visit the farm itself in July and August.

13. Saunter around the Isère food festival


The Isère Food Festival takes place in Grenoble in September. It involves 3 days of cooking lessons, local produce stalls, food trucks and talks about everything from wine to chocolate to herbal tea.

14. Have a teatime goûter at a sheep dairy farm


Producing fromage frais, yoghurt and a variety of cheeses, the 60 sheep at Bergerie de la Lignarre provide dairy-based treats for you to try from February to the end of October.

15. Sit down to a sumptuous 6 course dinner


At Ski Peak we pride ourselves on outstanding cuisine. Markus - our chef - makes his own ice creams, sorbets, bread and pasta (to name but a few delectable items).

He personally handpicks each and every chef to ensure that your 4, 5 or 6 courses served nightly at your luxury chalet is an exquisite and delicious creation.

16. Head to a mountain restaurant for freshly-made goat’s cheese


L'Alpette, is a mountain restaurant where they make their own goats cheese and saucisson in the summer. It is of the highest quality and everyone who tastes their produce is wowed - they are incredible!

Not only that, if you look like you're having a great time, they’ll also ensure you have a shot of their home made ' genepi' before you leave.

17. Sample Belgian beers at Steif’s Bar


If you’re having a boozy holiday, there’s nothing more challenging than working your way through the beer menu at Stief’s Steakhouse

They have a huge range of incredible Belgian beers to get stuck in to - La Chouffre is a personal favourite.

18. Stop off at an epic deli before you head home…

Affaire des Gouts.jpeg

Affaire de Goûts is an amazing deli selling all the local Savoie produce you could think of.

From charcuterie to sweets, fresh bread, sumptuous sandwiches, cheese (of course), meats, jams and genepi, no holiday to Vaujany is complete without stepping through Affaire de Goûts’ door.

It’s the best place to stock up on treats to take home, and if you can’t wait til then you can sample their many delights whilst sitting on the terrace in the summer months.

Ready to Get Stuck In?

So there we have it, 18 delectable reasons to go to Vaujany. It really is an incredibly area, not only for skiing, but for spring, summer and autumn adventures, all rounded off with a big wedge of Reblochon and a glug of dark Belgian beer.

If you’re looking to plan the perfect getaway to Vaujany, or just want to know more, fill in a few details here and let’s get started.

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