Winter X Games

Winter X Games

Just in case you've been under a rock the past week... The 2015 X Games happened in Aspen and it was a 270 pretzel to 450 off to a switch double corker! (Know what I mean...)

From the pipe, to the big air jump and of course the slopestyle course, everyone got it done. There were highs, lows and some shock decisions... To name a few, Katie Summerhayes become the first British female to win a medal at the event which is just incredible and well deserved.  Henrik Harlaut the Swedish rasta was one of a fair few who injured himself pretty badly but, luckily is already on the road to recovery and Nick Goepper who won gold on the slopestyle event... though he didn't originally qualify!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ have collected each of the winning runs from the unforgettable week. Be sure to check them out, and note the impressive skill and bravery these tricks take to pull off.

Simon d’Artois’ winning superpipe run.

Vincent Gagnier’s winning big air jumps.

Nick Goepper’s winning slopestyle run.

Emma Dahlström’s winning slopestyle run.

Maddie Bowman’s winning superpipe run.

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