Have you been thinking of taking a winter vacation? Do you live near a region where you can hit the slopes easily? If your answer is yes, you can always exercise and sweat during the winter months thanks to skiing. Regardless of your level of skill or age, you can enjoy a day out in the snow. As you are going to see, skiing is good for both the body and mind. Therefore, don’t let the tickets stop you from trying out something new. In this post, we are going to tell you why skiing is one of the healthiest workouts in the world for college students and adults.

1. Keeps you young and alive

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Downhill skiing is not only fun but will also help you look and feel young thanks to the health benefits that it provides. A study published by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine found that twelve weeks of skiing had a huge health impact on people aged between sixty and seventy-six. Twelve weeks of skiing led to a huge increase in leg muscle power, aerobic capacity, and strength. This is one of the reasons why you should consider heading to the hills and start skiing.

2. Burns calories

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Skiing is one of the best cardio exercises that can help you burn lots of calories and lose weight. The number of calories burned per hour depends on your proficiency in reading informative essays and weight. According to the Harvard Medical School, an individual who weighs 185 pounds burns more than 260 calories by skiing downhill for thirty minutes. Beginners can burn more calories when they read public health essay examples and walk up the slope instead of using a ski lift. An advanced skier can burn more calories if they go for a steeper slope since the body has to work extra hard to maintain balance. The cold weather contributes to calorie burn since the body has to work extra hard to raise the temperature.

3. Enhances flexibility

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The art of engaging core muscle groups and balancing during skiing enhances the body’s flexibility. It helps in reducing muscle sprains and strains. Skiing helps in enhancing flexibility since it requires the body to change directions swiftly and frequently. Like any sport, individuals need to develop a stretching routine before and after their day on the slope to reduce the chances of injury.

4. You get to challenge yourself

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Getting out there and feeling vulnerable might not be the way to spend your free time. No one enjoys trying something new in front of experts. However, you must get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to be better. When you build confidence on the slopes, you’ll start feeling better in other areas of your life.

5. Promotes sleep

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When you engage actively in a sport such as skiing, you’ll feel exhausted in the evening. You won’t have time to watch your favourite TV shows or scroll your phone. Exercise promotes sleep. And sleep is good for your mental health, immune system, and life satisfaction. Research studies have shown that the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night. By getting enough sleep, you’ll naturally boost your productivity and performance.

6. Promotes 

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Before you start skiing, you have to energize your body. After skiing, you’ll have to refuel to help your muscles recover. Skiing promotes healthy eating habits. You’ll know how hard it is to lose calories. Therefore, you’ll be conscious of what you put into your mouth. Consuming healthy vegetables and fruits together with protein and less sugar will pay off in spades in the long run.

7. Strengthens bones and joints

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Your knees and legs have to endure the weight and tension from your whole body as you move quickly and turn. And this makes them stronger. Apart from strengthening the knees and legs, your bones will get stronger. When you become a skier, you’ll not only have a great time gliding but also prevent osteoporosis, knee damage, and boost strength.


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Most people around the world love skiing. Some people do it for health purposes while others do it for fun. Regardless of the reason you are a skier, skiing has lots of benefits. You’ll get to see incredible mountains, breathe fresh air, socialize with your loved ones and improve your physical and mental health. People who love skiing are productive in many areas of their lives. They have a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. Skiing promotes sleep which is an essential ingredient of health. Sleep strengthens the immune system and increases productivity and performance in the workplace. With all these health advantages, when will you start skiing?

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Paul Calderon works for an online writing service as the senior thesis and dissertation writer and editor. He’s a prolific writer and regularly contributes to various high-rated websites, op-eds, forums and corporate newsletters. In his free time, he cares for her pet dogs and birds, read business and finance magazines and watches wildlife documentaries.

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