Whenever someone talks about student ski trips, the buzz and excitement make you wonder about the fuss. Since it has become a thing of interest, an academic writing expert, Lauren Bradshaw, researched this topic in her writing.

Lauren Bradshaw is an essay writer at CustomWritings, and though she does not have expertise in technologies or skiing, she has worked on a similar question in their writing and come up with some ideas. And in this article, we will spread some light on her insights.

It is a Fun Way to Build Confidence

Going on a skiing trip means students who do not know how to ski will have to learn it. And as scary as the idea might seem at first, once the students get the hang of it, their fears disappear, and their confidence rises.

Then they can decide that if they can face that fear, they can face their academic and social anxiety.

Students Learn How to Relate Better

Building new relationships is another advantage of skiing trips. Reserved students come out of their shells, and cliques go outside their circle to make new friends. And because most of these relationships are formed due to discovering people of common interest, the relationships last longer even as they progress in their life journey.

During the research, students were asked what they think of their new friends, and many gave replies like ‘I never knew she was that cool,’ I finally found someone who loves this movie as much as I do. Whether you're an enthusiastic skier, a passionate student, or an essay writer in college, the bonds forged on the slopes tend to endure.

And not only did they form new relationships, but they also reconciled with old friends. Then they make comments like, ‘We were able to sort out our differences,’ ‘I wonder why we ever grew apart, I’m glad we are back as friends.’

Everyone Learns New Life Experiences

Experiencing a life different from the on you are used to is bound to teach you some life lessons. Because going skiing in unfamiliar destinations will present challenges, force you to try new things, relate with people who have different views from you, and so many other things.

So, you are learning on and off the slope.

Also, a ski trip does not mean you only go skiing. Many students talked about how the organizer made them try out different activities and games and learn some essential life tips, which they will never forget.

Ski Trips Give You Your Money’s Worth

Planning a ski trip does not have to be as expensive as you envision. Some parts of Europe are cost-effective, and you can cut costs if you go there. And the best part is that you will get value for every penny you spend.

From learning new skills, knowing about a different culture, and forming new relationships, you cannot agree that a ski trip gives you your money’s worth.

Improves the Teacher-Pupil Relationship

New connections are not only formed amongst students but also among teachers and pupils. Seeing your teachers in a more relaxed environment gives you a different view of how cool they can be.

Also, the teachers get to learn more about the pupils. This improved relationship continues when they return to the classroom, benefiting the teaching and learning process.  Not only are they an essay helper but they can be pivotal role models.

It Is a Form of Exercise

Skiing is not as easy as just sliding on snow; it involves the use of some muscles in places you have never thought about. So, exercising these muscles all day long and involving in other activities at night is a great fitness activity.

And afterward, your body will feel so relaxed and tired that you will sleep like a baby. This will have a good effect on your health. And though it is for a short while, your body will remember that moment.

And a great advantage to the students is that they get to spend less time on their screens and also get some vitamin D from the sun. This is what you would have to force down their throat at other times.


Going on a skiing trip is one of the opportunities for students to learn independence. It is the first time some students have been abroad away from their parents for an extended period.

As exciting as it might feel, it can be challenging for many. But after the first night, they get used to caring for themselves and how it feels to be responsible for themselves.

This does not mean they will be under no supervision. The teachers can tell them what is expected of them and the limits they can’t go beyond.

It Brings Out Creativity

Being in a new environment, talking with new people, learning new things, and seeking out new challenges have a way of bringing out your creativity. So, for many students, especially artists, creators, and writers, it is an excellent way to broaden their knowledge and stimulate creativity.

It Can Be the Start of a Lifetime of Passion and Interest

Traveling and exploring help you get out of your comfort zone, which is excellent for self-discovery. During the research, students talked about how they liked an activity but never thought of pursuing a career in it. But in the solemn moments when they spoke or at the peak of their excitement, they discovered their life passion.

A Form of Relaxation

After the hectic school year, everyone needs a break and wants to feel better. Skiing is an excellent way to relax. Everyone gets to let off steam on the ice, relax with friends, sleep exhausted but happy, and take time off from being busy.

Also, do not forget that everyone gets to have fun and enjoy the time off.

It Can Present People with Opportunities

Even though this might not happen to many people, a couple of people have testified of the great opportunities they come across on school trips.

Because you get to meet new people from different nationalities, you can meet one who loves your talent or has the same interest as you, which might present you with new opportunities.

During the research, a student testified, "I met this person who liked my knowledge of fictional books and asked if I was a writer. I told her I would love to be one, and we exchanged contact details. Now, I am an Amazon book writer.”

Are Ski Trips Worth the Excitement?

Ski trips are terrific, and everyone should get a chance to go on one, whether with family, a group of friends, or classmates. And what you get from keywords depends on what you make of it. If you have the opportunity to go on a school ski trip, get the best from it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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