For dedicated skiers who are looking to relax after a day on the slopes or even learn some new tips around improving their technique, apps are a great resource. Thankfully, in 2024, skiers have an abundance of highly rated products in this area that can be downloaded in seconds and add a great deal to their skiing adventures by essentially optimising an average skiing getaway.

The types of apps people download in this area are also fairly diverse. While some apps focus on improving safety, others provide updates on the very best routes, some contain news on professional competitions for people who enjoy betting on winter sports like skiing, and there are even additional apps that focus on blocking out any distractions while you’re off-piste. Ultimately, there is something for everyone here and they can be housed with ease on a tablet or a smartphone device.

So, whether you’re an experienced skier or you’re new to mountain life, below is a look at some of the top apps being downloaded by skiers around the world in 2024.

Record your day on the slopes with Ski Tracks

Much-loved app in this particular category, skiers everywhere record their escapades in the mountains with Ski Tracks. Not only is the app fairly easy to grasp, but it does far more than just record your day’s adventures. Using Ski Tracks, skiers can also track their maximum speed, the distance they’ve covered on a particular day, the altitude reached, and the number of runs conquered during an average session. A great app for skiers who like to gain a clear understanding of their progress, while also having the opportunity to share footage with friends and family, Ski Tracks is impressive.

Slopes is an important app for any skier to have

For skiers and snowboarders attempting to find the very best routes and navigate their way around a new resort, it can become a challenge on occasions. Thankfully, apps like Slopes come in handy here. A highly detailed tracking app, it contains a wide range of stats and features on some of the biggest and best resorts around. Also enabling people to connect with their loved ones and keep in touch via the app, Slopes’ smart tracking is both impressive and important.

Echo112 saves lives

Let’s face it: while skiing is fun and provides memories for a lifetime, it does come with its own dangers. As such, it’s important to be prepared should the worst happen. Echo112 is the ideal option in that respect, with this iOS application immediately sending your location to notify the emergency services in your area if you ever find yourself in an accident. Even if you don’t have data, the app still works as it sends your location via SMS, making this tried and tested favourite a real-life saver.

FIS App is the perfect app for any fan of winter sports

If you’re a follower of competitive winter sports, such as the World Championships and the World Cup, then the FIS App is an application you definitely need in your life. Featuring the latest and greatest information about alpine skiing, cross-country, ski jumping, and loads more, this neat and tidy app is well worth downloading. It even contains live streams and highlights, coupled with standings, statistics, and plenty of other useful resources at the tap of a button.

On Piste is better than Ski Tracks for many

If Ski Tracks didn’t win you over, then On Piste might, particularly given its shareable features that allow users to record their runs and then share them far more easily with their fellow skiers. Covering the same type of statistics as Ski Tracks, such as distance, duration, and average speed, the stronger focus on social sharing makes On Piste a more attractive proposition for many skiers. Available on both iOS and Android devices, this free favorite deserves a download.

Freedom blocks out any distractions

For a lot of people who enjoy a skiing break away, the opportunity to switch off from the trials and tribulations of everyday life and enjoy some action up in the mountains is the main reason they go in the first place. If they’re constantly receiving work-related emails and social media notifications, then it’s hardly the escape some people require, right? In order to combat this common issue, Freedom blocks out these annoying distractions by turning off notifications and allowing you to focus solely on the lovely white powder. Of course, emergencies and photo opportunities are still there through Freedom, but annoyances like spam emails and Instagram updates aren’t.

Powder Alpine Simulator is a realistic game to play

Somewhat unsurprisingly, skiers everywhere also dabble in the occasional skiing-related game. Be it during a coach journey to a lush resort or while relaxing at home in the evenings, gaming products like Powder Alpine Simulator offer a realistic skiing experience that serves up plenty of fun and entertainment. It isn’t the most detailed game you’ll ever play, but the Powder Alpine Simulator is impressive enough and will certainly fight off any boredom when needed.

SkiLynx is one of the best GPS apps around

Particularly popular with people who are skiing in a group, SkiLynx is one of the best GPS apps around. Users of the app can keep tabs on exactly where every skier in their group is, with the app also providing useful features that enable them to plan a meeting point and share their exact location. Also boasting other impressive options, such as being able to assess the difficulty of a ski area you’re considering tackling, SkiLynx is hard to fault.

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