How To Look Like A Pro On The Mountains

How To Look Like A Pro On The Mountains

Skiing down snowy mountains is an experience that you might not come by often… once a year for example! You’ll no doubt want to ensure that your time on them is as seamless as possible. There are many different abilities everywhere you look, from the highly skilled, to the novices, all equally apprehensive as they begin to take on the world’s most exhilarating sport in the mountains. To prepare yourself, ensure you have all the necessary equipment as well as knowledge. Step two, remember to renew EHIC card in case of any injuries, it’s important to be covered! Step three… step onto the hill, putt your gear on and start the thrill-ride!  These pointers will help you out, so keep them in mind:

Avoid The Punter Gap 

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Here’s some skiing jargon for you – but what does it actually mean? Well, a punter gap is simply the gap between your goggles and your helmet (we’d always recommend a helmet over a hat). All pro skiers will understand the importance of this, because not only are you submerging yourself into sub-zero temperatures, but you’ll also be greeted with a rather unattractive stripe to match your goggle marks. Therefore, to look like a pro skier on the mountains, avoid this mistake at all costs. Becoming a good skier doesn’t just rely on your equipment, but also your confidence, so make yourself feel like a pro first and then you’re well on your way!

Only Stick To What You Need 

Nobody likes a try-hard, but investing in gimmicky and unnecessary equipment will make you look like just that. Items such as snowblades really don’t enhance performance at all, and while you may believe that it makes you look like a more professional skier, the truth is that it just makes you look clumsy, and even more like a beginner! If you’re going on a skiing trip, you should just stick to the essentials – skis, boots, poles, gloves, goggles and good layers. You want to make the most of your skiing trip, so stick to these tips and you’ll become a real pro in no time!

Adapt Your Stance 

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Perhaps you’ve already been on a skiing trip, and you’re now venturing off to another mountainous location – you’ll surely perform better than the complete novices, right? Not necessarily. No mountain is ever the same, as snow sits thicker and terrain can be rockier. In order to look like a pro on every skiing trip, you’ll want to adapt your stance to match the conditions. A lot of skiers will fall into a trap of sticking to the exact same stance everywhere, using sitting back in powder as it gives resistance in deep snow, however this won’t work on all mountains. Ensure that you have a variation of skiing stances under your belt before you begin skiing ‘big mountain’ itineraries.

Pace Yourself

Particularly for those of you starting out on your very first skiing trip, it can be all too easy to go head-first and start shooting down the mountains to your heart’s content, and while this seems like a good way to get the most out of your skiing trip, you’ll be in a lot of pain for a few days after. We often associate a down-hill trip as requiring less effort, as gravity is pulling us downwards, however skiing requires a lot of energy, and you’ll soon wear yourself out. Naturally, to look like a pro skier, you need a lot of stamina and pace to maintain your balance and keep your stance, so also ensure that you burn this energy slowly as opposed to all at once. Take some breaks and enjoy your surroundings too, the sun also give you energy!

You'll Get There Eventually!

Participating in a brand new activity is always exciting, but many people have the burning desire to perfect everything they do. When it comes to skiing, you’ll need a lot of practice to make it as a professional, but following these tips will definitely give you a head start!

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