Skiing has been around for centuries now. It was mainly a medium of transportation, but it didn’t take long for it to become a recreational activity, which then developed into various competitive sports. Like any other outdoor exercise, safety and protective gear and specialised equipment must be worn when being conducted. 

The most basic like skis, ski poles, goggles, gloves, helmets, and ski boots are the bare minimum for skiing. Further on from this is mother nature and considering the environment on the mountains. Temperatures can suddenly drop and if you’re not prepared then big trouble awaits. If you'd prefer a warmer setting then holidaying close to Easter is a good option. The days are longer and the climate warmer with the spring sun.  If you are still waiting to book your trip, then don't sit on the fence any longer! Complete our short enquiry form and we'll come back to you with some great options to suit your budget. Furthermore, if you have coursework or university work due in around that time, why not solve your assignment problems with the help of MyHomeworkDone.

Having the right equipment doesn’t have to break the bank, but it should serve its purpose. There are a good number of suppliers for winter sports, some specialising in certain areas, other doing everything you need.  In the UK we are less well ordained than our European counter parts, our best known shop for everything mountain being Snow&Rock. However, online shopping can be a life (and money) saver.  To get a better deal, you should check out ski gear sale, or any other similar websites that can help you get a bigger bang for your buck. Style and materials are a big factor when selecting skiing equipment and the gear associated with it.

With the invention of thermal technology, you won’t have to subject yourself to wear bulky or baggy apparel.


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Gloves can have style, but mostly they have to serve their function. Being in the snow, it is next to impossible not to get a little soggy or wet but wet hands should be avoided at all costs.  A good pair of gloves can be made out of polyester and should be waterproof.  There are some gloves with a thin plastic lining in-between the outside and inside comfortable layer.  This ensures that your hands stay dry.  Long exposure to the cold is not a nice feeling when wet! You are also going to be carrying skis quite a bit, gloves with a leather palm and fingers will ensure that the fabric does not get 'sliced' by the edges . A good pair can be bought for between £25 - £60 online.

Jacket and pants

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To experience the winter adventures fully, a proper jacket and winter pants (salopettes) are essential as you immerse yourself in the great cold outdoors. There are three main things to consider in choosing your gear.

  • Material - Withstanding the harsh elements outside are paramount. Not too far behind is waterproofing. If you’re new to skiing then don’t be surprised if you spend a lot of time on the ground in the snow. It's important to find items that can endure the activities and can protect you from getting moisture inside your clothing.
  • Insulation - It is important for the jacket and pants to keep the heat in that you’re generating for yourself.
  • Lightweight - It's inconvenient wearing something you struggle moving in. Wearing lightweight gear is far preferable, if you are a bit cold then invest in some leggings or long johns.

The price may vary from £40 to £300 for jackets and £55 to £100 for pants. You can also buy in sets for about £80. If you want to know what you should wear under your pants, have a look at this guide by Slopehound.


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Your boots are one of the most vital parts of your ensemble. You're attached to your skis via this piece of equipment so flexibility, structure and coordination with your legs and body is key.  The better they are suited to you and your style, the more responsive they will be, allowing you to ski freely and easily. They should be durable and a great fit for your feet and calves. Insulation and waterproofing are of also of the utmost importance. Cold feet don't provide you with a comfortable activity and can easily ruin your day on the mountain. You will also need to be able to move easily with the boots while skiing but still allow blood circulation. The price for this gear varies depending on your skill level. But you can buy a decent pair for around £250 - £400.


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Having a good pair of goggles can be a lifesaver. When you’re rushing down the mountain it is imperative to have good visibility. Nighttime skiing also requires you to have good goggles so that you can make out most of the things you’d be encountering. Polarised lenses can help in sunny days or white-out days. There are generally 4 different lenses:

  • Fog lense (orange)
  • Low light lense (yellow)
  • Polorsied lens (orange, silver, blue)
  • All light lense (black)

It also can’t hurt to have a great looking goggles for when you’d want to capture the moment. You can get yourself a stylish and functional pair for around £60 - £120.  Why not check out OTG ski goggles for their expert advice.

Helmets and pads

Photo by Fanny Rascle

I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear a helmet when skiing. It is one of the first things you’ll learn. When you have limited control going down the mountain at high speeds you’re going to need balance. So having a heavy, bulky helmet, maybe a tad to your disadvantage. But it must also be a balance between lightweight and durability of the protective gear. For boarders, having the right set of wrist guards and waist pads should be considered to give you better protection. Helmets and pads are priced around £60 - £120 and £10 - £40 respectively.

Of course, one other necessity for a ski trip is accommodation.  We've got some wonderful options for you to consider.  Why don't you answer to some quick questions about your ideal trip and we can come back to you with a few suggestions.

Before you go out and bask in the thrill of the sport you should always think safety and looking good while you’re at it will motivate you to pursue your passion. So if you’re looking for affordable gear you’ll have to consider some of the important features and functions. Now, go out and enjoy! 

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