Alpe d'Huez opens 03/12/2016

Alpe d'Huez opens 03/12/2016

It's TIME...

Christmas may be around the corner but we're more excited for tomorrow.... why?  Because it means that winter has officially arrived with the Alpe d'Huez resort and Vaujany open for business for the rest of the season.

The last few weekends have seen parts of the mountain open early!  This is all thanks to the generous weather and the exceptional work of the resort staff. We've seen videos of very happy skiers enjoying the near empty pistes and we've been itching to get out on the mountain.  We can now enjoy it together, for weeks on end if you can afford the time off!

Snowy Teaser

In case you've been hiding underneath a rock these past few weeks and are unsure whether an early ski break is on the cards... It most definitely is!  Take a look at the Vaujany teaser video... LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW!  

The pistes that are open from tomorrow (Saturday the 03/12/2017) are as follows:

  • Bartavelles
  • Belvédère
  • Rousses
  • Dôme
  • Stade débutant Alpette
  • Sarenne
  • Cristallière
  • Herpie
  • Glacier
  • Hermine
  • Cassini
  • Couloir
  • Lièvre Blanc
  • Boulevard des Marmottes
  • Poutat
  • Dahut
  • Promontoire
  • Clocher de Macle
  • Déversoir
  • Vachette haut (retour 2100)
  • Jeux
  • Rif Nel
  • Ecole
  • Clarines
  • Grenouilles

Mannequin Challenge

Have you heard of the Mannequin challenge?  It's where people remain completely still, like a wax mannequin from Madame Tussauds, whilst doing something completely ludicrous and funny.  The results are brilliantly hilarious if done right.  Here is the Alpe d'Huez resort team showing the world what typically happens on the mountain.

We still have lots of STEALS going if anyone is interested

  • 10% off first week (13 - 20 December) - Holidays from £383
  • 20% off Chalet Rostaing for Christmas. From £720 to £576
  • 20% off Chalet Rostaing for New Year. From £920 to £736
  • Short Break (03 - 07 January) at £360

Sounds like a lot of fun to us... why don't you come and join!?

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