A Few Reasons To Take Up Skiing

A Few Reasons To Take Up Skiing

Skiing is older than many people would imagine, dating back to 6000 BCE in Russia. Evidence also suggests that skis were used in China and the surrounding regions 5000-years-ago. The sport of skiing that is popular today, however, stems from Scandinavia. While originally, the sport was used for utilitarian, and military purposes, today it is largely a recreational and competitive sport, with a rather large following.

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports played today. There are numerous skiing competitions around the world, with the most popular, and important being the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, and World Championship. Skiing has also been in the Olympic Winter Sport Program since 1924.

Serious Sport

Out of all the winter sports, skiing is also the most popular among bettors, drawing in tens of thousands of bettors in both land-based betting shops and online betting shops as well. A number of online betting shops claim that they have seen an increase in traffic when it comes to betting on skiing in recent years as well. Fans of betting, and skiing can register here if they want to make a few bets on the sport.

Skiing is also a hugely popular recreational sport. In fact, it is one of the most popular recreational sport in countries whose climate allows for year-round skiing. Even if you don’t come from such countries though, there are benefits to making a skiing trip and many people in the UK travel to the mountains in Europe every year to enjoy the rush and excitement they provide.


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While it may not seem like it, skiing is actually very beneficial to your health. The mountainous areas where skiing is usually done have cleaner, and fresher air, which will help city-slickers clear their lungs of the polluted city air, as well as helping you strengthen your breathing. Another health benefit is that skiing provides a full body exercise, as well as a great cardio exercise, which will help strengthen your cardio-vascular system. In other words, skiing is good for your heart.


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As stated above, skiing provides a full body exercise, as well as a cardio exercise. It is in many ways similar to running or jogging, only much more exciting. Skiing also burns a ton of calories. In fact, studies have been produced that show the average male skier burns over 200 calories in 30 minutes of simple, downhill skiing. As skiing activates the lower body muscles, it also helps in strengthening the lower body and the core. For people looking to be a bit more athletic, skiing is a great option.

Just Plain Fun

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A ski trip with a group of friends, or family is guaranteed to be one of the best vacations you’ve ever had. For people who don’t know how to ski, learning is quite easy for beginners, and even if you end up not falling in love with the sport, you will surely fall in love with the mountain, the snow, winter, and the hot cocoas on a cold winter night. Look up a few of the best skiing resorts in the world, and book your next holiday.

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