25 Health Benefits Of Cycling

25 Health Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy.  In-fact it goes far beyond that, bouts of pedalling have proven social, mental, physical and even environmental benefits.

Cycling and Mountain biking and of course 'spinning' are enjoyable leisure activities, gym work out and of course a very useful form of transportation.  This provides not only fresh air but that great feeling of being alive, moving at fast speeds.  Naturally, therefore, it is the main objective for so many competitive sports. for people of all ages and athletic abilities. 

To begin with, the activity is low-maintenance and inexpensive, with bikes starting from around £50 for a very basic, second hand model. Every year, more people get into the spin of things; sourcing bikes (even getting them out the garage and down from the loft) and incorporating biking into their daily routine. 

Want to learn more about improving your health, your heart, your mind and even your carbon footprint? Perhaps you want some information to spur on your family and friends to join you in this phenomenon? Take a look below...

25 Health Benefits of Cycling

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