Yoga... blissful peace and beyond

Yoga... blissful peace and beyond

It's no secret, the world is becoming more aware with what we put in/on our bodies, the ramifications of and what we should all be doing... after all, your body is a temple!  Friends are turning vegetarian, not drinking milk or eating bread and people are religiously going to the gym.  We are experimenting with new things to lead a healthier life

Yoga can be practiced anywhere and anyone can do it, which is why it has picked up a great following in recent years.This is (no doubt about it)  good news for everyone!

Let us help you to love yoga!


What is it?

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to improve health and happiness.

There are as many different styles and formats as there are personalities:

  • Vinyasa (commonly referred to as “power yoga” classes) is the fluid, dynamic style that combines a series of postures with breathwork. 
  • Bikram is a specific sequences of poses performed in a heated room
  • Jivamukti is more of a meditative-based practice that includes lots of chanting
  • Iyengar stresses alignment (you can spend a whole class on just a few poses) and uses various props
  • Hatha is a more gentle, classical practice. 
  • Acroyoga (for the adventurous) that includes working with partners 
  • Aerial yoga (for the adventurous) which uses suspended hammocks.

For something that is part meditation, it is important and beneficial to conduct it in a peaceful place with no distractions. The open spaces and glorious views in Vaujany will have you thinking of nothing except blissfulness.

Come and join us

This year we have a local yoga guru who is willing to show people the ropes and help people get into the swing of things. We have taken the liberty of purchasing some yoga mats for our Saskia customers.

Imagine having a yoga session on the Saskia patio, looking down the Romanche Valley and beyond, sunset or sunrise and then a hot tub to relax in afterwards... GLORIOUS

Think you can do it?  Why not practice some of the moves:

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