What Should I Bring on My First Fly Fishing Trip?

What Should I Bring on My First Fly Fishing Trip?

Fly fishing is the perfect opportunity to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, challenge nature, and even grab yourself some free dinner. Most English people associate fly fishing up in Scotland, one of the best places in the world to enjoy the sport.  You can also fly fish in the rivers and lakes in the Oisans.  Brown trout and rainbow trout are the main game and are found in plentiful supply, perfect for a day excursion. Fly fishing is really easy, and as long as you have the right knowledge and equipment, it is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Getting started in fly fishing requires less than many people think, and buying the necessary equipment really doesn’t cost a lot!

Here is a guide to what you should bring on your first fly fishing trip.

1. A Fishing Rod

The first thing you will, of course, need on your first fly fishing trip is a quality fishing rod. There are rods that vary in length, performance, and material, and all of these things will make a difference in how much the rod costs. When choosing your first fishing rod, it is important to find the right balance between price and performance. We have all started hobbies that we don’t keep up, so find a decent rod for a reasonable price, and when you get more serious about fly fishing, you can upgrade. A good length of rod for a beginner is around 7-8 feet, with longer rods being for more experienced fly fishermen who are looking to catch bigger fish.

2. Fly Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle is all of the little pieces of equipment that you need to set up your rod to catch fish. Tackle for fly fishing includes fishing line, hooks, weights, dehooking tools, and flies. Rather than buying all of your flies separately, there are many fly fishing fly kits, which are excellent for beginners because they provide different colors and sizes for you to try out. The fly imitates an insect or aquatic invertebrate, which are the fishes’ normal food and are used to lure fish to your hook. Experienced fishermen have a few flies which they swear by, so experiment with the different options in your kit and see what works for you.

3. A Tackle Box/Seat

You are going to need to get a tackle box to keep all of your equipment and bait in. When choosing a tackle box, look out for one that has multiple compartments, and that is waterproof, sturdy, and that has a strong handle so you can carry it easily. There are some really great tackle boxes that have padded lids so they can double up as a seat. This is great because not only will it make your fishing trip more comfortable, it also means you don’t have to buy or carry an additional seat.

4. Waterproof Clothing

The weather has an uncanny habit of tricking you in the morning of a fishing trip into thinking you are going to have blue skies all day. Every experienced fisherman knows that weather reports cannot be trusted, so it is always worth packing waterproof clothing for your trip. A quality waterproof jacket is essential, as are waterproof waders if you want to stand out in the river and fish.

Fly fishing is a great hobby, and starting out on your fishing adventure is a really exciting journey. To have a successful first fly fishing trip, it is really important to make sure you have everything that you need. Follow this guide, and you are ready to start!

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