Touring the Oisans

Touring the Oisans

Scenery, sights, thrills and pure magic

Being on the road in the French Alps and Oisans, be it in an automobile or riding a motorcycle, is a truly wonderful experience... possibly the best rides in the world? It offers good roads and incredible scenery. Mountains don't recognise political boundaries so why not pop over to Italy which is only 2 hours away. There really is so much on offer; just the sheer splendour and magnitude of the mountains is enough to make a trip!

Belting up and weaving along narrow mountain roads, through wooded hillsides, soaring mountain passes, racing down steep hillsides and reaching cool valley floors. The scenery that surrounds the rider/driver is awe-inspiring, the challenges and completion giving pure satisfaction. If you can spare some time, then pause to take it all in!

Ride and drive all day

You can drive/ride over the highest mountain passes in the Alps. You're at altitudes of about 6 times higher than anything in the UK. The roads twist and turn for mile after mile; there are few people on the road in early season; the road surfaces are good with excellent grip with no traffic jams. You're surrounded by snow capped peaks and tumbling glaciers; and for most of the time the sun shines as well. Need I go on?

OK I will... It's very hot down in the valleys, often 30 degrees celsius plus in summer, but as soon as you climb up the valleys towards the high mountain passes (known as "cols") the air is cool, crisp and invigorating. Bikers and drivers alike are welcomed here, and many small restaurants lay on a special menu for you. Photo opportunities are never ending, and you can even fit in a bit of summer skiing while you are here.

Your stay with us

All of our accommodation is comfortable, spacious and relaxing with stunning views from every window, a blessing to wake up to in the morning. We have private parking at all of our chalets with plenty of space.

Chalet Saskia even has a large underground garage where you can store your beloved, should you prefer not to leave it for others to gaze at! We have a workstation plus lots of tools to help you tinker away to your heart's content. We understand that you'll want to look after you pride and joy.

The nearest petrol station is in Allemont which you can free wheel all the way to if necessary. The nearest garage is on route to Bourg d'Oisans, a mere 15 minute drive away from Vaujany and very reasonable. If your French isn't up to scratch then let us know what you want and we'll arrange it for you!


By using Vaujany as your base it enables you to travel far and wide in so many different directions, seeing all variations of alpine villages, landscapes and topography. There is a reason why the Tour de France has so many alpine stages, travelling through the Oisans year on year.


How about...

North over the Col du Glandon or Croix de Fer, dropping into the Maurienne Valley where there is so much choice in all directions. Following the route of the famous sportive, La Marmottes; returning via the Galibier and passing through the famed La Grave.

East over the Lauteret pass towards Briancon, the highest fortified town in France, steeped in history, which guards the pass into Italy and Turin.

South over the Col d'Ornon, the Col de Parquetout, one of the steepest in France and onto Gap through the Parc des Ecrins, where some of the most awe inspring mountains lie.

West into the Vercours with beautiful limestone scenery and gorgeous villages. Visiting the caves should be high up on the agenda.

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