All You Need To Know About Cycling

All You Need To Know About Cycling

Cycling today is now a lifestyle! It started in the 19th century as a hobby, a leisure activity, merely a form of transport, but no longer. It's all that and so much more now, for some it's even an obsession! Not only is it brilliant for your body and health but it also has proven positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

Keen enthusiasts are now looking to better their experience, buying the latest gadgets, tinkering here and there with their gears, their brakes, their handlebars, changing suspension forks... once you're in the mood to 'dance and romance' with your beloved bike, the journey is endless!

Fortunately, the industry has constantly evolved with the times. There is an array of choice and prices for all types of bikes depending on the terrain and what the intended use is. Take a look at the below infographic for some fun facts, history, evolution and general helpful information!

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