Lift Passes

Order and pay for your Vaujany/Alpe d’Huez lift pass before departure from the UK and we will have it ready for you so not one minute of skiing is lost. This means:

Payment must be received at least two weeks before departure.  We use the Post Office exchange rate of the day to convert the Euro sum into Sterling. Please note the lift company will not allow us to order lift-passes on your arrival in resort.

Full Area Alpe d'Huez/Grandes Rousses Lift Pass 2015/2016

Duration Child under 13
& Adult 65+
Adult Adult 72+
1/2 day €44.50
1 day €43.00 €52.00 €16.00
2 days €81.00 €101.50 €30.50
3 days €117.00 €147.50 €44.00
4 days €151.00 €189.50 €56.00
5 days €182.50 €228.50 €68.50
6 days €206.00 €260.50 €80.0
7 days €238.00 €297.50 €88.50
Additional day
(after 7 days)
€25.50 €32.00 €10.00

Local Area Vaujany/Oz Lift Pass 2015/2016

Duration Child under 13 & Adult 65+ Adult Adult 72+
1/2 day €25.00 €30.00
1 day €27.00 €35.00 €12.50
2 days €50.00 €64.00 €21.00
3 days €71.00 €92.00 €29.00
4 days €92.00 €120.00 €37.50
5 days €112.00 €145.00 €45.50
6 days €129.00 €169.00 €53.00
7 days €147.50 €192.00 €61.00
for one day
Full Area
€35.00 €39.00 €12.00

Note: The local area lift-pass price is normally offered at a special rate when booking lessons with ESF.  It does not include entry to the swimming pool like the full area pass. Family rates can be obtained in advance online (below) but may not be offered by Ski Peak. Complete beginners can purchase day tickets initially covering a minimum of lifts at a cost of €10.00 per day.

Family Ski passes 

  • Saving of up to 222 Euros
  • These must be purchased online, direct. We are unable to obtain these on your behalf.
  • Must be purchased no later than 10 days in advance.
  • On the basis of 4 persons: 2 adults and 2 children (between 5-22)


Family skiing

Local Area vs Full Area Passes
(Vaujany lift pass vs Grandes Rousses lift pass)

Our ski area – Grande Rousses Mountain Resort (Alpe d‘Huez) – is a vast area of fabulous both on and off-piste skiing. We thoroughly recommend to anyone but complete beginners to purchase a Full Area Pass and make the most of the more than 250kms of pistes by starting exploring from day one.

However, Vaujany Station also offers the option of a Local Area Pass. For children up to (and including) 2 star and adults up to (and including) class 2 this pass suffices for their ESF needs. This pass gives full access to Montfrais, Alpette and Oz but has limited Alpe d’Huez access (though you can still ski down into Alpe d’Huez). Therefore if you think you’ll wish to ski beyond these limits after your lessons on some of the other great blue and red pistes in resort you might prefer a Full Area Pass from day one. Note: up-grades are available in Vaujany resort, your instructor will let you know if you need one.

If you require more details about the two types of pass, please call us and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.
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PLEASE NOTE: Passes of 9 days or more as well as FREE passes (children under the age of 5) and severely reduced prices (adults of 72+) require a photo.

To benefit from the child (less than 13) and senior (65+) rates, dates of birth are required.
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