Ski Friends

Is it how it used to be?

Unfortunately there is currently a court ruling in France that makes it illegal for Ski Tour Operators to provide ski-leading or ski-hosting. We therefore suggest that if people want the opportunity to ski with others, they meet at the lift station for 10:00. Our staff are happy to facilitate and act as mediators (passing names and numbers to others) so that a plan can be formulated.

Why is hosting banned?

Group bonding after lunch

Get on Board

These informal ski groups are great for companionship and for those who want to join other people, but don’t need lessons (see ‘Ski Lessons' if you do). They are intended for intermediate and advanced skiers who want to get the most out of their holiday.

Many groups of friends or family parties who have skiers or snowboarders of different abilities find that these ski groups provide a sociable alternative to skiing alone. 

Join like minded people who want to explore the vast terrain whilst enjoying other people's company and stories over a Genepi.

Group at Fruiti re

Champagne Run

You might also like to try the fantastic and fun 'Champagne Run' – see 'Our Challenge’ for details.
Champagne run2