The Experience

Why Ski Peak

We have never left Vaujany because we believe we have a magic, unique formula which couldn't be replicated elsewhere. Quite simply our food and service are unrivalled and the skiing is pretty darn good as well. If you haven't done so already come and see for yourself!

Ski Peak towel

The Cuisine

Mouthwatering food… For some it is the reason to come back! Our head chef extraordinaire and food guru Marcus Cull personally selects our chefs and encourages our new chef recruits to have fun and be creative, whilst always ensuring that each of your 3,4,5, 6 or 7 courses served nightly is something to write home about.

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Family Ski Holidays

With its fantastic and incredibly cheap Vaujany creche, a first class indoor pool, its own dedicated ski school, indoor ice rink, bowling complex, safe streets, village feel and never far to a lift, it’s easy to see why Vaujany is winner of both the coveted Famille Plus Label and Best Small Resort (Cadogan 2008).

Family trip out

Short Breaks

A short break is often as rejuvenating as a full week’s holiday. Swap the grey skies and grim streets for some invigorating R&R in the mountains.

Hop in a taxi from the office to the airport and you’re off to the slopes. And although life is busy, with just one day off work you can take advantage of Ski Peaks great short get-away-ski-your-heart-out-be-pampered-and-return-with-a-goggle-tan deals. Life is for living right!

Can't be beaten

Ski Friends

Unfortunately there is currently a court ruling in France that makes it illegal for Ski Tour Operators to provide ski-leading or ski-hosting. We therefore suggest that if people want the opportunity to ski with others, they meet at the lift station for 10:00. Our staff are happy to facilitate and act as mediators (passing names and numbers to others) so that a plan can be formulated.

Group skiing